Patrick Rock

A package arrived yesterday from Don in Florida consisting of a poem wrapped around a pencil and a polished stone.

The stone had an inlaid banjo on on side and  the words “Patrick 7/18” carved on the other.

On the pencil was written, “You are awesome!

The poem wrapped around the pencil reads:

Like A Rock – Patrick And Dear Old Dad

Like an old rock should be weathered by time
But smoothed by it’s journey it still has a shine

Driven by passion to share what we love 
Teaching from the heart with help from the above

He takes us to places that we;d never dream
With Beautiful logic and magic it seems

Explore and discover have fun he would say
Not focused on fortune he gives it away

He says don’t worry if you play something wrong
Just keep on practicing and singing your song

I’ve met many teachers – and yes I was one
But few have impressed me like Patrick has done

He’s made this world a better place that I can tell
Dear Old Dad taught him and taught him quite well

Like a rock with a banjo he mellows with time
in spite of his journey he continues to shine . . .

What a cool keepsake! Thanks, Don!
God bless,

2 thoughts on “Patrick Rock

  1. Patrick and Dad are wonderful!!! Thank you over and over for your encouragement. You’ve kept me going when I thought maybe I couldn’t do this banjo thing.

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