My Vorpal Blade Goes Snicker Snack!

Some of you may remember that my pencil sharpener blew up in my face a few days ago.

Dear Old Dad suggested that I get a decent electric sharpener. I did not argue with him.

Ken wrote in the comments that Dear Old Dad was wrong and sent me a Pencil Sharpening Machine from the nice folks at Caran D’Ache.

Holy cow! This thing is built like a tank!


In the attached note Ken wrote:

I’m pretty sure this one won’t explode on you!

Thank you, Ken. This is so much more tan I deserve. I will put it to good use.  I handed chapter 10 over to Dear Old Dad this morning.


Working on this as yet untitled book with pencil and paper has been a joyful experience. I wish I was not having the strokes and neurological problems that took me away from the keyboard, but I am happy to the place my health and my craft have lead me.

God bless,