Chapter 10!

Chapter 10 of my book in progress is available for our sponsors to download!

As you probably know by now, I am writing this book entirely by hand.

I am writing in pencil on legal pads because a neurological problem has made it difficult for me to type.

This download is a first draft with a quick edit. Dear Old Dad will edit it two more times before transcribing it all into Word.

We are numbering the chapters as they are written. They will probably appear in a different order in the finished book.

Once the book is finished we will make the ebook edition available to all our Patreon sponsors.

In chapter 10 several stories from my past come together to illustrate the importance of core skills. 

Before anybody asks, Ed Parker was awesome.

1 thought on “Chapter 10!

  1. Awesome to see any updates from you Patrick! You have done so much! Rest when you need it, with all your videos provided by you and Dear Old Dad, it is like you never leave and are always in the front of our minds and eyes. May I ask why the Book of Five Strings is no longer available as a creative commons download? Sorry if you have explained it somewhere and I missed it. Thanks for all the awesome and fantastic lessons!

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