Surgery  Tomorrow!

Wow! My cardiologist moves fast!

I will be having surgery tomorrow to install a cardiac loop recorder in my chest. It’s a simple procedure . The toughest part of the whole deal for me will be the two hour drive to the hospital and the two hour drive back home!

Anyway, if you are religious, please say a prayer for my folks. Positive thoughts are equally appreciated.

I have sound processors bolted to both sides of my skull, and now I will have a digital recorder in my chest uploading my heartbeat every night. I am slowly turning into a cyborg!

6 thoughts on “Surgery  Tomorrow!

  1. Easy… Daddy God loves you very much and will take care of you because we ask.

  2. From Dave Clarke. God bless you and dear ol mom and Dad x. And prayers for a full recovery after the op Patrick I know you struggle to type now so don’t stress. . I’ve just picked up my tenor banjo and must admit I think I’ll need a 5 string eventually,, however. Do you think it’s possible to tune a 4 string into open G ?? Maybe Dod could reply. . See you soon Patrick .

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