I’m still sore from surgery. I  only only feel half as lousy as I did yesterday, so things are improving.

I am still getting used to sleeping next to the computer that sends my heart rate to the cardiologist every day. 

Easing myself back to work today. I have a fresh stack of legal pads and a new package of Mitsubishi  9850 pencils ready to go. I will be handing Dear Old Dad the next chapter from my book in progress soon.

I have not been leaving the house very often these days. With these strokes I have been having I can’t drive. I don’t mind walking, but I don’t have a phone to call for help if I get into trouble along Brick Kiln Road. With wireless being so crazy expensive I am looking into getting a good tablet with a simple data plan . I don’t need much, but several people have pointed out some new tablets that allow you  to write  with a stylus. That might be cool now that typing is difficult.

Pencils, paper, a big glass of iced tea and Pooka are waiting for me to get back to work. I hope you all have a nice weekend.

God bless,

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