Shitajiki Writing Board

After being forced to move most of my writing to pencil and paper I am always on the lookout for tools that make working in this fashion more enjoyable.

Shitajiki writing boards are one of those tools.

The idea is simple. A sheet of plastic you slide under the paper you are writing on to prevent marking or denting the pages underneath. As an added benefit, the writing board keeps me from digging my pencil deep into the paper, allowing me to write with a much lighter touch.

I started out using the Sun-Star Grid Shitajiki Writing Board – A4 from It has worked really well.

Today I treated myself to a new writing board. The much thicker and heavier Kyoei Orions Soft Clear Shitajiki Writing Board – A4, again from I am really impressed.

I also treated myself to some new erasers. I have been using a Uni Boxy Eraser and it is so nice I was sure that I would never find anything better. Well, the honking huge Sakura Foam Eraser W 300 is mistake-clearing nirvana.

On the pencil front, for me it’s a split decision between Mitsubishi 9850 pencils and the new Palomino Blackwing pencils. I have bought and been given boxes of both and I burn through them with equal speed.

Before you say, “Dude, they’re only pencils!” let me say that I tried some less expensive pencils. Dear Old Dad looked at the manuscript and asked me if I was using cheap pencils because he could hardly see what I was writing on the page. I wound up needing to re-write that chapter with my Mitsubishi and Blackwing pencils. Lesson learned.

Well, a thunderstorm is rolling over Crisfield, so I am starting to get a bad headache. I’m going to put on some Fats Waller, sharpen my pencils and get some writing done.

Goodnight and God bless,