The Daily Frail 9/26/2018

Today for The Daily Frail we have an exercise that blends the basic frailing strum, rests, harmonics and a major scale run.

We also run through the string band classic, Gypsy Girl and by request we take a quick look at The Ballad Of Jed Clampett.

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The Daily Frail 9/24/2018

Today we have an exercise that will help you with the basic frailing strum, playing in C out of G tuning, chord progressions and full chord hammer-on’s.

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Just A Few Memories

Amy loved having her picture taken, but she rarely allowed me to hang on to the images. As much as she tried, she could never get used to the way I shared day-to-day events with my online students.She saw photographs as something private and I saw the camera as a window to our little world.

In the end, I gave most of my files to Amy. We shared some pictures on the web over the years, but for every pictures that got posted there were a dozen or more that she filed away.

I still have a few folders on my computer, but my main database is my memory. Years from now, when the pain isn’t quite so fresh, I’will sit down with my musical instruments, writing supplies, art supplies or all of the above and find a way to tell our beautiful and sad story.

Between then and now I’ll post some of those hotly debated photographs every now and then.

At  Shenandoah National Park
At  Shenandoah National Park
With Trace Beaulieu and  J. Elvis Weinstein
With Trace Beaulieu and  J. Elvis Weinstein
Testing out closed-caption glasses at the Manassas multiplex
Testing out closed-caption glasses at the Manassas multiplex

Wild Spaces

Amy and I loved visiting wild places and wandering around with our cameras. I will miss sharing that with her.

Tomorrow is National Public Lands Day. You can visit national parks for free! 

I would give anything to go to Assateague for a few hours, but these strokes have left me unable to drive.  I would give anything for a few hours alone along the salt marsh tomorrow . . . but my wandering days seem to be over.

If you are healthy and able, get out tomorrow. Take advantage of the free pass. Get out and see someplace wild and beautiful while you can.