The Daily Frail 9/26/2018

Today for The Daily Frail we have an exercise that blends the basic frailing strum, rests, harmonics and a major scale run.

We also run through the string band classic, Gypsy Girl and by request we take a quick look at The Ballad Of Jed Clampett.

Tab for today’s main exercise is available in graphic, PDF and braille-friendly formats for our Patreon sponsors:

6 thoughts on “The Daily Frail 9/26/2018

  1. So sorry that you are having migraines. You are truly a warrior to be able to concentrate on and post these videos. Thanks for your terrific lessons. I am still immersed in my banjo identity crisis. Am I a picker, or am I more interested in frailing? I happened upon the clawhammer because I realized I have such a hard time using finger pics, maybe because I can’t actually “feel” the strings. This style seems like something I want to explore a little more. Thanks again.

  2. Patrick, I’m trying to figure out how to send you my videos. I no longer have facebook, but Jennifer will send a request. Any other way that is best?..God bless brother.

  3. Have you ever done a tutorial on the Grateful Dead song Ripple? I would love to see you do that one. Thanks

    • I never played that one before. I worked it out after I read your comment and it works really well as a frailing banjo tune. I will post a workshop when my new equipment is up and running.
      God bless,

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