2 thoughts on “Where I Work

  1. Loved getting to spend a moment with you…your teaching style is superb! Anxious to get into some drop-thumb “double-thumbing” on something like Soldiers Joy or Old Joe Clark. Any suggestions?
    Mr Bill

  2. Hello Patrick,
    Great name!! my name is Patrick as well. Just wanted to say thank you!!
    My Banjo is making music, I’m loving it! I have to admit until I found your YouTube videos I was stuck in the muck zone. That is the I’m ready to throw in the towel zone. There are many things I have learned but the one and most important is the rhythm 1 2 and 3 4 and my wife is now in a insane asylum, but I’m playing the banjo.
    LOL it really has helped me put things together although I’m a long way from being awesome, I’m making progress.. god bless you…Patrick

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