4 thoughts on “A Change of Plans

  1. Dear Patrick, It’s the end of a hard week and finishing it with a session of The Daily Frail is a real tonic. Despite you being a fantastic banjo player, thanks for keeping it simple and accessible. I keep coming back throughout the week to your posts and being inspired to play frailing banjo. You’re an inspiration Patrick and thank you again. Regards, Ian, Melbourne, Australia

  2. Hi Patrick,
    I love your work man. i have a question if you dont mind answering it. i have a deering banjo with a resonator. i love it but i wanted to know if an open back banjo would be better for me. is there much difference in the weight, i hope there is cus mine is too heavy for me. i have COPD (lung disease), asthma and whole load of other stuff. i now have one of my lungs stuck to my ribs to try and stop it collapsing. which it had already done twice. they also took part of this lung away as well. im sad that you have problems as well.. you do such great work. anyway please could you answer my question

    • Alan,

      I realize your question is directed to Patrick, but if you don’t mind me providing an answer, then I would suggest you try an open back to see how it feels. An open back is certainly lighter and a little easier to move around the body, especially with a strap. Being lighter, I find them more comfortable to play and I would think given your ailments an open back might be a better fit for you. You don’t get the same volume from an open back per se, but if that is not a concern and comfort is more important I say give one a whirl.

      • Thank you so much for ur input and advice.
        I gonna see if I can trade mine in for a open back banjo
        Thanks again
        Alan Gallagher

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