2 thoughts on “Election Day 2018

  1. Hi Patrick

    Greetings from Oz! any chance that you can post the tab to the Lincoln tune when you have time.Would like to learn the tune in the trailing style the same way you play it on the video.

    thank you Patrick

    cordially Tan

    p.s Or Alternatively can you e-mail me the tab pls

  2. When I was 5 years old I bought a banjo from my 9 year old friend, Benny for 50 cents..
    After 66 years I’ve never learned to play it. But I’ve always wanted to. The tuning pegs were loose and the strings were missing but the banjo, I learned, was functional otherwise.. My brother Al suggested I get it repaired and play it. I found some new parts on the web for it and repaired it myself.. I also found Pat’s video lessons on the 4 string tenor guitar and tenor banjo. Now I am playing Skip to my Lou, Wreck of the Old 97, and Whose Gonna Fit Your Tiny Little Shoe.all in the key of G, of course. I am very fortunate to have you folks teach this music and thank you for it.

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