Continuing A Tradition

Every Thanksgiving for the last fifteen years – probably longer – our friend C.C. would show up at our door with a Smith Island carrot cake and a bucket of his homemade Chex mix.

Smith Island cakes are huge and rich. The three of us could never eat a whole cake, so every year we would up sharing the cake with our neighbors. It was always a joyous thing . . .

C.C. passed away this year. I’m still having a little trouble processing that. I love him like a brother.

Anyway, I am heading down the street to the Smith Island Baking Company tomorrow to order a carrot cake for Thanksgiving. I don’t want to give up the experience of sharing cake with our neighbors, and a small way to remember our friend.

I miss you, C.C.

1 thought on “Continuing A Tradition

  1. Very thoughtful of you Patrick. Thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

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