Our site crashed this morning. 

To get things running I had to use yesterday’s morning site backup. This got the site running, but we lost any comment you may have posted.


A while back we received a banjo head in the mail with a request that I sign it. We sent it head back and went about our usual everyday chaos.

Today I got another package from Jerry with a note saying that my signature inspired him to make this shirt.

I love it! Thanks, Jerry!

God bless,

5,000,000 And Counting

Last night we reached another milestone when we passed five million views on YouTube.

Five million plays on YouTube. The number boggles the mind.

Our top ten most popular videos:

Some of our shared experiences on YouTube have been life-altering.

Other YouTube moments were . . . welll . . .

Through it all we have been sharing a message of love, joy, simplicity and creativity. 

Here’s to the next five million views! And the millions after that!

God bless