Snow Geese

Friends of Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge sent out an email announcing that the snow geese are back for the winter.

On Valentine’s Day 2010 I took Amy out on a date in Easton, MD. At 40, I had never been on a date for Valentine’s. My hearing had put up such great walls around me that the whole experience was new for me. When she kissed me it was the first kiss of my life.

The next day I took her to Blackwater. I had always wanted to visit the place, but I never imagined what we would find.

I had taken Amy to Chincoteague a few weeks earlier and a baby seal swam up to her feet. I was sure Blackwater would not be able to deliver that kind of emotional punch.

Man, was I wrong.

In the MP3 file you can hear Amy calling for me. After I set my little Zoom microphone on the hood of my Mercury I ran to her side and we stood in awe as thousands of snow geese circled overhead.

With driving being difficult for me now, I can’t get to Blackwater or Chincoteague. Dear Old Dad has offered to give me a ride, but he isn’t a photographer so it would be a boring trip for him. My Nikon is just gathering dust now.

If you have the chance to get out to a wild place to be our among God’s glory, don’t miss it. Just pick a place, go out and be still. Don’t look for anything specific and you will be amazed at what comes to you.

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