The upstairs bathroom at #6 Potomac Street has a unique architectural feature in that the ceiling slopes down sharply. I mean sharply. If you are distracted or half asleep you can bonk your head pretty good trying to stand in front of the toilet.

To today, after a long morning of appointments, I went to, shall we say, see a man about a horse when suddenly disaster struck. I forgot I was wearing my bone anchored hearing aids.

I hit my head and one of my horrifically expensive bone anchored hearing aids snapped off. The BAHA sound processor went flying off of my head. I have pretty good reflexes and I almost caught it, but it bounced off of my hand and went spinning into the clean – yes, clean, thank you sweet merciful Jesus, CLEAN! – toilet water.

Trust me, if it wasn’t clean this story would have a whole different ending.

This is not the first time I have submerged a BAHA sound processor. When I was in Kansas I dropped one into a glass of iced tea. When it dried out it still worked.

On Wednesday I am getting a new hearing test to program the new set of sound processors my doctor ordered. I can’t wait to tell them that my old processor has crappy sound!

UPDATE ~ 4:28 PM:
The sound processor is dry and is working fine. Joy!

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