Still Topical After All These Years

Feeling bad this morning, so I decided to entertain myself with my favorite Shakespeare play,  Julius Caesar.

You can watch the video to see the play for yourself, or read the play: 

I first encountered Shakespeare in the aftermath of my first job. The legendary Baldwin’s Book Barn had a Dutch auction. Mr. Baldwin ate at my father’s hoagie shop, and offered me a job where I could collect my pay in books. Every day the price of books went down, and every day my meager wages gave me the chance to take home a ton of books.

One of those books was an anthology of plays and poems by The Bard himself. When I read Julius Caesar I was too young the understand all of the politics,  but the words – those beautiful words – hit me like a ton  of bricks. Ever since I have been a sort of secret Shakespeare fan. Amy loved it when I recited one of Shakespeare’s sonnets from memory on different occasions.

If you have never read or seen it,  Julius Caesar is a wonderful play that still resonates after all these years.

In fact, you could produce Julius Caesar set in modern times. Perhaps President Trump as Caesar,  Nancy Pelosi as Cassius and maybe Paul Ryan as Brutus. 

Who would you cast in your production of Julius Caesar?