Pain, Pain and More Pain

So far quitting Suboxone has generated only minor side effects. I’m doing pretty good except for one thing – peripheral neuropathy.

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition where your sensory nerves get damaged and start sending pain signals to your brain.

I am okay during the day, but when I try to sleep the pain jumps in and just kicks my ass all over the room. On a scale of 1 to 10 – with 10 being the worst pain ever – I was at about 15 last night. It got so bad last night that Dear Old Dad handed me a double shot of some seriously good Irish Whiskey. It helped.

I see my doctor on the 27th, but from what I have read there are not many effective treatments for peripheral neuropathy. I am guessing that I will have to learn to live with the pain and/or look for alternative therapies.

I could wring my hands and cry, “oh woe is me”, but that never accomplishes anything. My hands still work and my head is clear. I’ll keep on fighting.

Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday. We’re taking her to Salisbury for the Chinese Buffet and shopping at the Hobby Lobby – she loves that.

On Monday I turn 49. Dear Old Dad is going to drive me to Assateauge, and then we will pick up the heavy bag and other equipment for the backyard dojo.

The Daily Frail will be back on Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “Pain, Pain and More Pain

  1. Hi Patric. Have you tried Pregabalin for nerve ending pain they have me on it as the diabetes has destroyed my nerve endidings and as I have said before the morphine was killing me

  2. Patrick, please excuse me if I’m suggesting a practice that you have previously explored but for many reasons i’d Like to recommend Craniosacral therapy and homeopathy. I’d be happy to share personal stories. You’re an inspiration and I’m glad I found you again, in this life. Thank you for all that you share of yourself and your family!

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