Assateague Morning

I will probably never return to Blackwater or Bombay Hook. There are too many memories of Amy in those places.

I have loved Assateague since the first time I visited this place as a boy. The woods and waters wild speak to me here like no other place on earth.

This morning my father and I practically had the entire park to ourselves, and while the ponies were scarce, I spotted things I have never seen before. Ospreys carrying huge rockfish, a kingfisher hovering and diving into the cold waters, great flocks of birds swirling in the sky far out to sea . . . it was glorious.

1 thought on “Assateague Morning

  1. Soon I will be in the US for business again. After the meetings a 2 weeks drive to the Smokey Mountains and hope to hear some music as well. Thanks for all your videos and messages that truly inspired me to enjoy the banjo and overcome my spell of occassional down times. Take care.

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