Since it would have been Amy’s birthday, today was not an easy day for me. I occupied myself with setting up a the equipment for the back yard dojo I am putting together to get myself back into shape. Once the heavy bag was set up I was happy to find that I can still throw a volley of solid punches.

Over the weekend I’ll tape up the bag and start really working it with my fists and arnis sticks.

Then Dear Old Dad got a call from Somerset County Dog Control. They have been on the lookout for a dog for us since Precious died. Today a little dog had arrived that seemed a perfect fit for my mom and dad.

A few hours later they came home with Daisy. The gentle little dog quickly won us all over with the sheer joy she took in her new home.

It never ceases to amaze me how, even on days when grief leaves me all hard sharp edges like flint tools, something as simple as the unconditional love of a little dog can draw me back into the world again.

Welcome home, Daisy.

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