The Cat Ate My Laptop!

So last night my neuropathy was going crazy and I was in agony. I passed the hours listening to music and assuring myself that the only way things could get worse was if I accidentally set myself on fire.

This was a mistake. Things always get worse.

To prove this. Pooka decided to latch on the the cable of my cheap headphones. The headphones do not work well for me, but at this time I have no way to hook my bone anchored hearing aids to the laptop.

I tried to get Pooka to let go before she chewed through the cable, but she decided to run for it. In the process she dragged my laptop off of the bed where it came crashing to the floor. The hard drive is toast. Sigh.

Without laptop cables to entertain herself with, Pooka spent the rest of the night attacking my feet. Neuropathy pain is the worst – but when a seventeen pound tortoiseshell calico sinks her teeth and claws into a neuropathic big toe . . . well that’s just hideously painful.

Not sure if I will replace the laptop. Being able to work in bed is a bit of a big deal when I am in a lot of pain, but Pooka is such a crazy cat that I am not sure what to do. Giving up on Pooka is not an option – I don’t have that many friends left!

3 thoughts on “The Cat Ate My Laptop!

  1. Really enjoyed you thoughts on harmonica Patrick. Opting for straight harp over cross harp. Blues harp is delicious but for some reason I enjoy trying to find those simple notes that make up a beautiful little melody. I too, never got on with the tongue-blocking technique. I guess I’m sort of a lip purser. Sure is fun to carry a harp around. I learn a lot about music from this tiny little instrument. Oh and putting her in a rack and playing along with guitar is good good times. And yeah Patrick, I’ve given away quite a few harmonicas to both kids and adults. Seeding a homemade musical revolution.

  2. Miss your videos. I am worried about you. Remember God love you and this will all make sense some day.

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