The Book In Progress

I usually write shockingly fast. I wrote The How and the Tao of Old Time Banjo over the space of a raucous caffeine and nicotine fueled weekend.

My current writing project is happening at a much slower pace. Partly due to events in my life over the past year, and partly because the subject matter is more personal. This time around I am writing about the things that happened as I was learning to make music.

As work progresses, I have been posting the rough drafts of each chapter for my Patreon sponsors. While I was having difficulty typing the chapters were handwritten and scanned. Now that I can use a keyboard again, we are finishing up the remaining chapters, going through the drafts and beginning the process of putting the finished work together.

None of this work would see the light of day if it was not for my father. He has been both editor and confidante from time I started talking in general terms of telling this story. I am lucky to have such a friend/

Today we decided to post the rough draft of what will be the first chapter of the book here as well as Patreon to give all of you a peek into this project.

Chapter One: The Guitar Girl

Patreon sponsors have access to the work in progress. It has been a lot of fun writing a book in such an open fashion! When the book is finished, sponsors will get free copies of the full ebook before it goes on sale. Learn more at: