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Miss Trudy’s Handmade Sewing Chatelaine

The history of the chatelaine is that it was once a collection of tools and household accessories worn by the lady of the house. Each of Miss Trudy’s chatelaines features a mini quilt front with a felt piece for needles and pins and a pocket for holding thread, thimble and other small sewing notions.The pocket is fastened closed by two hand sewn snaps. One end of a length of ribbon is sewn to the center back.The opposite end of ribbon is folded over onto itself with a snap fastener. Scissors are held by inserting the ribbon through one handle of the scissors and fastening the snap closed. The mini quilt front of each chatelaine features a hand pieced quilt block pattern or one of many vintage embroidered characters or a picture from fabric. All chatelaine fronts are hand quilted. Scissors and notions are not included allowing you to individualize each chatelaine with your favorite sewing items. These chatelaines are appropriate for quilting, cross stitch, applique, embroidery, and general sewing. Each comes with a smile and a prayer for happy stitching from Miss Trudy.

Chatelaines are priced at $30.00 each plus Priority Mail shipping.

We have chatelaines available for immediate shipment!

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