Daily Dojo

There are some things in music that cannot be taught. I can teach you how to form chords. I can show you how chord progressions work. I can explain harmony. I can’t teach you how to intuitively feel chord changes.

I am not saying that feeling a chord change is magical, mystical or anything like that. It’s just a skill that only comes when you practice enough to be unconsciously intimate with the medium. Like a bird in the air or a fish in the sea.

Ryōkan Taigu addresses this phenomenon with a beautiful simplicity.

The flower invites the butterfly with no-mind;
The butterfly visits the flower with no-mind.
The flower opens, the butterfly comes;
The butterfly comes, the flower opens.
I don’t know others,
Others don’t know me.
By not-knowing we follow nature’s course.

Ryōkan Taigu