The Work

Fred P. writes:

I learned frailing banjo from your videos and have been a follower for many years and actually I have attained a skill level that can be described as  “functional.”  My wife ( fiddler) and I volunteer to play at Assisted Living or Nursing Home facilities.  As you know for various reasons many of these folks are in poor condition.  Some of them to the point of what I call comatose with no recognition that we are even in the room.  Yet occasionally when we begin to play a foot will tap in time or a bit of hand motion.  Yesterday a very young man who never shows any signs of awareness at all began to clap to our playing of “Arkansas Traveler.”  An amazing testimony of the power of music and to your mission to bring the music to everybody.  If not for your videos and encouragement this young man in Wisconsin would not have experienced that moment of enjoyment.  So take a moment and feel good about yourself and your work.  Yes I know it was a fiddle tune, but I learned  it from the How and Tao many years ago.
Thank you and keep up the good work,

Fred P.


The book-in-progress finally has a title, and work is quickly drawing to a close.

I will be offline for a good portion of next week getting the final draft out. I am making a lot of progress, but neuropathy pain and migraines do slow me down.

When the book is finished we will post information about the finished work, along with a URL for patrons to download a copy.

Good Movie Day: Killer Klowns From Outer Space

The Internet has, for the most part, made art predictable. Movies are either Disney cookie cutter nonsense, or have been so spoiled that we know everything about the plot before we see the film.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space is still weird and surprising over thirty years since its release. It’s a cheesy 80’s horror flick, but the creature design is top-notch and the monsters are never over-explained. It works on more levels than you would expect from a movie about aliens that look like clowns.

Keep an eye out for the invisible car scene, as it is being driven by my banjo-playing friend Mike Martinez!