Coming Soon: Just This Banjo

Work is close to completion on my next book!

Titled Just This Banjo, the book tells the true stories of the people and places I encountered as a teenager struggling to learn the banjo and guitar.

From the introduction:

I took my banjo and my crappy guitar out into the streets of Philadelphia. No idea of where to go, no money in my pockets and no goal in mind. Into the streets, out into the night and into the bloodstream of the city. Nothing between me and the world but my instruments.

I met saints and sinners. I made music with and for Mafiosos and the IRA. I have sung for and with the sick, lonely and crazy. I played for millionaires and jammed with a man so poor he did not own matching shoes.

I had no armor or protection. Just this banjo.

Writing, editing, formatting and publishing this work has been a monumental task, but I am proud of the end result. Some of the stories are outrageous, some are sad and others downright funny. All are true.

Just before the book is released we will be making the ebook version freely available to our Patreon sponsors. Everybody else will have the opportunity to purchase a copy in print, digital format or even as an audiobook. We also have a few surprises in the works.