One Step Closer to a Cyborg

I visited a pain management clinic on Friday looking for help with my diabetic neuropathy.

If you have never experienced it, neuropathy pain sucks. The nerves in my feet are constantly signaling different kinds of pain. It ranges from shocks to burning, freezing, stabbing and tearing. Since it’s around the clock and constantly changing, there is no way to meditate through it. I can ride out a migraine headache because I know it will end eventually. Neuropathy just keeps on going like a hellish Energizer Bunny.

Medical marijuana has helped, but it is expensive and my insurance will not cover it.

The doctor at the pain clinic recommended a fairly new treatment: neurostimulation. They want to implant electrodes in my back that will change the pain signals traveling up my spine.

I already have my bilateral BAHA implant hearing aids, a ton of metal in my neck and a heart monitor in my chest. Electrodes and other equipment loaded into my back is going to make me feel like Locutus of Banjo.


It is not a hard choice for me. While I dread another round of surgery, I am in too much pain to do nothing. Right now the plan is to go for it. We have already scheduled the tests and imaging work. We still have to work with the insurance to figure out the costs, but like I always say, “Nothing beats a failure but a try!”

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  1. Extremely sorry that you have to experience so much pain…I’ll do my part and pray for your healing process. Mr Bill

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