It’s Done!

Yesterday I finished writing my ninth book, Just This Banjo.

We will be releasing the ebook to our Patreon Sponsors on 10/2/2019. We will explore wider distribution opportunities down the road.

I will draft an official synopsis for Just This Banjo tomorrow. I am so worn out that I just want to curl up with Pooka and vegetate for the day before we get back into regular day to day work.

Thanks for all of your support throughout this project.

God bless,

2 thoughts on “It’s Done!

  1. Well done man, and to your dad.
    keep up the great work you all do.
    you said 5 books. i can only find 2, the how and tao of old time banjo and scallywags.
    how do i find the others and can i buy them.
    all the best

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