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Desperate for a way to communicate after losing his hearing, young Patrick Costello set his heart on becoming a musician. Ignoring the odds, empowered by his family and a karate grandmaster, Patrick won a banjo in a bet, salvaged a guitar from the trash and wandered into the city of brotherly love looking for a teacher. What happened next is an unbelievable true story of chasing improbable dreams, kind-hearted strangers, the IRA, the Philadelphia Mummers, and unconditional love. Just This Banjo will make you laugh, cry and maybe inspire you to pick up an instrument yourself.

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Just This Banjo is free to download in PDF format. Download Now! You can also view the book on Medium and The Internet Archive.

If you really like the book, you can pay us $6.95 for the PDF. It will help with my next book. I loved the book! Here’s $6.95!

Why Give It Away?

From Just This Banjo:

As I was finishing up this book, the launching of impeachment hearings against President Trump was the breaking news headline. Every channel seemed to have angry people yelling at other angry people.
Seeking a reprieve, I went online and found more of the same anger everywhere I looked. A directionless cloud of rage that was eerily reminiscent of the Day of the Dove episode of Star Trek.
My father and I always advise our students, “if you see a need, fill it.” So, in defiance of the negative emotions of the day, I am making Just This Banjo freely available online.
Maybe, just maybe, the encouragement, support, and love I experienced will come through the pages and inspire even one person to stop being angry.
I was the least likely music student to ever fret a string. I was able to learn my craft because there were kind and decent people in the world – and that has not changed. Hopefully, my adventures will inspire you to, as Woody Guthrie put it, “vaccinate yourself right into the big streams and blood of the people.”
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2 thoughts on “Just This Banjo Is Here!

  1. Love the book. Just started reading.
    It’s funny how certain memories last a lifetime.
    And yes I feel some of that pain.
    And the bullying.
    And the awe of someone with a guitar, mine was my uncle who finger picked and it looked like his fingers was a spider flicking his web. I was in awe and I had to learn that one day, which I did.

    One day i was bought a 5 string banjo from my wife and never touched it for about a year.
    Then while online i came across you and your dad, again i was in awe, so i have to learn this wonderful instrument.
    And this is where i am in life now.
    Thanks to you and your dad.
    In warmth.

  2. Thank you for your generosity in making your book available for free. I just made a payment (decided to pay extra to help with your cause). I also see the increase in anger and hatred all around me. It’s even dangerous to drive or be a pedestrian these days. All I can do is try to brighten my little corner, as you and your Dad have done a zillion times. You both are greatly appreciated!

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