Getting Back To Abby Normal

Just This Banjo is out in the wild as an eBook, could soon be available in print and an audiobook is in the works.

We have accomplished a great deal. Now I have to get back into teaching mode.

I know most authors do the whole guerrilla marketing thing, but I have never been comfortable marketing myself. I am a person, not a product! So, if you enjoyed the book it would help us a lot if you spread the word. Share the files. Post an honest good, bad or indifferent review somewhere. It will get Dear Old Dad off my back and give me space to keep on working.

October 10 is going to be a hard day for personal reasons. I will not be posting new videos this week. Hell, I won’t even be online. I would spend the day at Assateauge, but epilepsy and neuropathy make driving impossible. It has been so long since I have been physically able to get someplace myself to spend a day taking photographs that I am seriously thinking about selling my cameras.

Next week we will be back with new workshops for our Patreon sponsors. Right now I am organizing a stack of blank legal pads, sharpening my pencils and getting ready to start writing again. I’ll worry about what, exactly, I am writing about once I am a couple of pages in. I love writing the first draft longhand.

I still have some space in my lesson schedule. If you want to schedule a video lesson, give Dear Old Dad a call: (410) 968-3873

See you next week.

2 thoughts on “Getting Back To Abby Normal

  1. Patrick, for what it’s worth, I wish you peace and comfort. You have done so much for so many of us. I’ve observed that photographic opportunities pop up at unexpected moments right under our noses. Maybe you should hold onto those cameras for a while.

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