Today Amy and I would have celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary.

The hurt is indescribable.

Rather than sit around moping, I decided to do something I love. Right now I have a honking huge pot of beef stew on the stove. It will simmer all day. Tonight Dear Old Dad and I will be sharing stew, biscuits, and baked apples (with ice cream, naturally) with our neighbors.

In the face of loss, I will continue to give. I will challenge sorrow with joy. The pain will never truly go away, but maybe that is okay. It would be foolish to end a perfectly good love story by falling into despair.

So, good food, fellowship and the chance to dote on my extended family here on Potomac Street. A sad day made easier with love put into action.

I love you, Amy Costello. My darling. My bride. My rose. My Virginia girl. Happy anniversary.