Welcome Back, Patrick Costello

Walking through the wonderful Salisbury Zoo with Dear Old Dad marveling at the sounds the new hearing aids pick up and viewing everything through my camera lens I realized that it has been a long time – a very long time – since I have felt this. . . Good. After ten years of surgeries, addictions, joy, unendurable pain and crushing heartbreak, I am standing on my own two feet one hundred and twenty-something pounds lighter ready for the next adventure and I can still see the beauty of the world around me.

I am going to kick ass in 2020.

Dear Old Dad agrees. So does the wolf.

One Step Forward

While I can’t hike anymore with my feet all twisted from neuropathy, the big pecan tree in the back yard is teeming with life. After months of glumly neglecting my camera, I broke it out this morning and spent some time with a squirrel and a brown thrasher.

The thrasher is an interesting bird. It doesn’t fly away when it gets spooked but runs into the hedgerow like a roadrunner.

Not the best photographs I have taken by a long shot, but who cares? It was nice having the camera back to my eye. I guess this part of me just won’t quit even if my body doesn’t always cooperate.

I have two banjos heading to the shop for repairs tomorrow. Maybe I’ll bring the camera and stop by the Salisbury Zoo for a visit with the critters.