My Day Off!

Patrick & Pooka

I have no lessons scheduled today and my BAHA hearing aids are not working. To top it off, it is bitter cold outside! So I am using the day to make a huge pot of beef stew and a couple of loaves of oatmeal apple bread. It would be nice to have some music playing, but good food, pursuing the art of bread and snuggling with Pooka (Daisy is here too!) is not a bad way to spend a day responsibly irresponsibly.

I have to contact Cochlear once I get my bread rising and arrange for both of my hearing aids to go in for repairs. That won’t be fun. I can put a headphone over my left ear for lessons over the weekend, so it isn’t the end of the world. Still, having almost normal fearing since October makes it really hard to go back into near silence. Maybe once these are fixed, I will only use them when I absolutely need to. Going back to everything being quiet is just too disorienting.

Wait a sec… A new development! I took a break writing this post to walk to the grocery store. Between epilepsy and neuropathy, my days of driving are over. It was a chore hauling everything back home – but when I did get back I discovered that somebody left a baking stone on my front porch.

Pizza from scratch and even more fresh bread in the days to come. Wow!

Well, I have stew to make and bread dough to knead. It’s going to be a wonderful day.

I hope it is beautiful in your corner of the world.