One Foot Forward…

I broke my foot tripping on the stairs. It’s a terrible injury, but with diabetes and neuropathy, surgery would be a mess. Instead of cutting me the doctor wants me to wear this horrific boot contraption on my foot for the next six weeks.

It sucks, but at least I am not getting surgery.

I am getting around good on one foot. I just finished making the dough for two loaves of shokupan (also known as Japanese milk bread) and I am trying to decide if I have time and ingredients for my maple corn muffins. I need flour, but I’m not walking to the store on my broken foot today. Maybe tomorrow.

I have a bunch of lessons today, and I have to start scheduling lessons for March. I also have to get back to the new book sometimes today!

Right now I have to thump my broken paw outside to feed the birds. An alley cat has been coming around – a calico tabby – and I have slowly been bonding with her. Our daffodils are blooming, but a deer has taken to sleeping in our garden and the flowers were crushed. My mother and I can’t think of a better use for daffodils!

It’s funny… Music, cooking and caring for my students, neighbors and backyard critters. After the nightmare of the last few years, I am finding my rhythm again.

I guess this is how an artist heals.