I’m Not Doing The Tiger King Song, Dammit!

If you have not seen it, Netflix has given us a taste of Oklahoma and Florida with Tiger King. A nasty little true-crime miniseries that has nothing to do with tigers and everything to do with people being evil, duplicitous and murderous.

I enjoyed parts of Tiger King because a lot of this nonsense is actually tame compared to what I have seen in the music business over the years.

The human ugliness of Tiger King got a little taxing after a while, but I love that every person in the story looks like a guest character on Bob’s Burgers.

Joe Exotic, the self-titled Tiger King, had a thing for selling recordings of his singing and making music videos… The only trouble is, he isn’t singing. Like everything else about the people in the story, nothing is real. The weirdly specific autobiographical songs about his love of tigers were recorded by other singers. He is just lip-synching!

This gets even funnier now that I know from recent interviews that he hated animals, was apparently prone to animal cruelty and completely terrified of the animals unless they were either drugged or restrained. This all makes I Saw A Tiger the freakiest thing I have ever encountered.

I have gotten a lot of requests to cover I Saw A Tiger. You have a better chance of seeing me and President Trump reenacting the piano dance from the movie Big. Just the image of one of Joe’s husbands (watch the show) with a gun gives me flashbacks to the last time I went hunting and my cousin tried to shoot me so that my dad could be his new daddy.

Trust me, rural Pennsylvania is freakier than anything you will ever see on Tiger King.

If you want to hear it on the banjo, here are the chords to the first verse and chorus:

Just take your basic rhythm pattern, follow the chords and either sing or lip-synch along.