Sounds Like Silence…

I got my new BAHA sound processors in October on 2019.

They stopped working in January 2020.

Cochlear, the company that makes my BAHA sound processors, has been giving us the run-around since January.

Today I placed the sound processors in a drawer. I will be making do without them. Even if Cochlear did the unthinkable and got me working and programmed processors I would be unwilling to wear them simply because it would imply that the surgery and expense are worth leaving your hearing in the hands of a soulless and badly run company.

I got by for 40 years on my own. I will find a way to get by – but I will never forgive Cochlear for finally giving me a taste of normal hearing only to yank it away and replace it with static and frustration. My hearing loss was not a burden when I was unaware of what I was missing. Now everything is a struggle again. Oh well.

In other news, I found a box of tapes from the 80s and 90s. Teenage Patrick singing with his PopPop, our first gig (complete with heckler falling off her barstool), skip tracks from our radio show on WKHI FM and a whole lot more. I thought this stuff was long gone. Wow.

I will give the tracks a listen when I am more comfortable with my returned failed hearing. Maybe I’ll upload a few. Heck, somewhere in one of these boxes might even be the tape where Dear Old Dad dropped the F-bomb on live radio!

Now to find a working boombox…