Two Important Announcements

1.) Pop-Tarts Pretzel-Chocolate is the most disgusting thing on the face of the earth.

It’s like drinking pancake syrup, eating stale Chex-mix and then throwing up into a stiff breeze.

The texture is bad. The smell is bad. The taste is bad. The aftertaste gave me flashbacks of the train station in Camden, NJ.

If I were reviewing this like a wine snob I would say “It is a lackluster blend with overtones of oak, leather, urinal cake, stale candy from the bottom of grandma’s purse and wombat dung.

2.) The Wednesday Night Banjo and Doughnut Marching Society is reconvening.

If you don’t know why this is important, go read Just This Banjo.

The original Wednesday Night Banjo and Doughnut Marching Society was like a beatnik version of The School of Athens. We were all students and we were all teachers. There were moments of instruction, moments of jamming and a lot of talk about everything imaginable in the moments in between.

If there ever was a time when folk musicians could get together to share songs, licks and stories in a noncommercial and noncompetitive environment it is now. Stay tuned for information on how to take part in this free interactive online celebration of the spirit of folk music.