The New Book Project – First Look On Patreon

Even with everything going on here at #6 Potomac Street, I have somehow managed to begin work on my next book.

Like before, I am doing the initial work by hand. This time pencil and paper are not a necessity. I love the rhythm and flow of the pencil gliding across the paper.  

I have a huge box of sharpened pencils and a bucket to drop dulled pencils. I had to put a lid on the box of sharpened pencils after a near-tragedy today. I was practicing juggling (I still suck, but I don’t care) and one of my juggling balls landed hard in the box of very sharp pencils. The crash sent a nice Blackwing flying at my face like a shuriken from a Sho Kosugi movie. I stared at the flying writing implement hurtling toward me thinking, “So this is how I die.” Then dropped to the safety of the floor.

When not coming close to maiming myself trying to juggle, working with students, baking bread, getting ready for the worldwide re-release of a beloved banjo book and planning for The Wednesday Night Banjo and Donut Marching Society I have been working on this new book that has yet to get an official title.  

Tonight we uploaded the first draft of the introduction to patreon. It can and probably will change as work progresses. I will continue to post new chapters and revisions for my patrons as work progresses. Giving you a chance to watch the work grow from idea to finished work.

What is the book about? Think of it, among other things, as a users guide to the Tao without any mysticism.  

Our Patrons can download the introduction here: