Muffin Song

I start by getting my tools together. A bowl, a silicone spatula from Dollar General and my apron.

Then I soften a stick of butter in the microwave. I use a Pyrex measuring cup for this so that any butter that sticks to the cup will get mixed in when I add the milk later on.

I cream the softened butter with a cup of sugar. Next in goes 1/2 teaspoon of salt, two teaspoons of baking powder and a dollop of vanilla.

Next I separate two eggs. The yolks go right into the bowl, but I whip the whites a bit and set that aside.

Next I add two cups of flour a little at a time interspersed with half a cup of soured milk.

Then I fold in the egg whites along with two cups of fresh or frozen blueberries, careful not over mix. I want the fluffy egg whites to add air to our muffins.

I pour the thick mixture into a muffin pan one quarter cup at a time and bake for thirty minutes.

Making blueberry muffins is a simple process with a lot of potential missteps. My first batch was pretty good. My second went out for the birds to eat. The third was tasty but a weird lavender purple color and on and on and on.

Just reading books or watching videos was not enough. In order to consistently make a good blueberry muffin I had to develop skills. I also needed to understand what made a good muffin.

I had to experiment.

I had to try and fail.

When I am baking I do not think about the finished product. I do not think about how much time everything is taking. I concentrate on the task at hand. The muffins will be done when they are done. Rushing anything will ruin the finished product.

Right about now I could go into a homily comparing what I just said about baking to making music, but I want to go bake some muffins! Take a moment on your own to think about this and compare the approach to how I teach the banjo. Then, look at your practice routine and ask yourself the appropriate hard questions.