Last Night’s Mess and I Am So Proud

We were getting started with last night’s The Banjo and Donut Marching Society when a cascade of one thing going wrong after the other hit and left us with the best possible results.

Sound on my iPad died for some reason. I am still waiting for new speakers for my work computer, so there was a lot of technical fidgeting to do. To make matters even more interesting for me, I had to sort things out with a full-blown migraine.

So, on our end there were a lot of headaches. Literally. I wound up loading  Zoom on my mother’s computer, and hosted the show while balancing the monitor and camera combo with one hand. And a migraine. Right about then we started losing power.

It should have been a technicolor nightmare, but the gang just kept things going while we wrestled with issues here. Every time we got cut off, we came back and found the group sharing.

To see music students casually share like that was like going back in time to Kitts living room and the original Banjo and Donut Marching Society. To say that I was and am proud of them is putting it mildly.

I will be posting details for next weeks meeting soon. Right now I am going to crash for a while longs. My head is still hurting, but I am honestly happy.