Sticky Buns

I made two loaves of my sourdough honey whole wheat bread (we just all it bread). My neuropathy was hurting too bad to relax, so I gave making some sticky buns a shot.

Sticky buns are delicious, but tricky to make because the buns are baked in a syrup of brown sugar, two sticks of butter, honey, molasses, white sugar, as well as an unhealthy dollop of both light and dark corn syrup. Once you bake the rolls, you flip the pan over into another pan so that all the syrup that did not bake into the sticky buns drizzles down and soaks into the tops of the buns.

I am glad I did this when nobody was home, because everything went perfect up until that flipping the pan of hot rolls, scalding hot liquid sugar, salt and fat into a new pan.

It was not pretty…

I did not hurt myself, but many paper towels were sacrificed.

Thankfully, the sticky buns are fine.

Now for a mug of hot coffee, a slice of fresh bread and a nap. I’ll have to wait until my folks get home to get any feedback on the sticky buns.