Anybody who remembers Simca, my feral calico, knows that I have a thing for untamed cats. Earning and maintaining the trust of an animal is right up there with making music for me.

This gentle giant has been coming around for food every morning. An American shorthair and tabby mix. He is really skittish, but he loves it when I sing to him. When I go outside I start singing The Streets of Laredo, and he comes running.

I am hoping to gain his trust and make him part of the family.

Dear Old Dad, the giver of cat names, dubbed him Mephistopheles. I was thinking he was more of a Professor Moriarty, but Mephistopheles seems a good name.

Mephistopheles is polydactyl. His paws are almost the size of my size 13 feet!

Even if he decides to stay wild, I am enjoying his visits.