The Daily Frail: Weekend Challenge!

On Fridays, The Daily Fail will change format a bit to give you something to wrestle with this weekend.

Here are the chords and lyric’s to Take On Me:

Am      D     G                 C       
Talking away, I don't know what I'm to say 
Am              D   G                C       
I'll say it anyway, Today's another day to find you 
Am     D     Em                       C 
Shyin' away, I'll be coming for your love, OK? 
G    D  Em  
Take on me  
(take on me) 
G    D  Em    
Take me on   
(take on meG    D  Em   C 
I'll be gone 
            G  D  Em 
in a day or two 

How would you play and sing this as a frailing banjo tune?
Would you play it fast or slow?
Would you be able to work out the famous opening riff?
How would you handle the vocals?

Now, turn on your camera or microphone and show me what you’ve got.