Ode to a Theremin!

Banjo Jack in Catonsville, Maryland writes:

Hi, Patrick –    Your video on your new Theremin and approach to playing it inspired me to send you a silly poem I wrote a few years ago. My dad made one for me when I was a kid, but I never worked to master it. This is one of a number of silly poems I posted at http://forums.familyfriendpoems.com/djackmac.   I love your videos and approach to music – keep it up!

To my knowledge there has never been
A poem about the Theremin
The what? You rightfully ask
To explain it now becomes my task
Well, to be concise
It’s an electronic device
Full of capacitors and more
Resistors and diodes and an oscillator
Two antennae make it complete
One for each hand; isn’t that neat?
(If you prefer, you may use your feet)
One controls volume, the other the pitch
It produces a sound that is eerie and rich
(But some folks find it makes them twitch)
An instrument the player doesn’t touch
You’d expect it not to sound like much
No calloused fingers or embouchure dystonia
As is typical with instruments of symphonia
It makes music not to be found
Among orchestras of renown
Not likely to hear it in a church yard 
But in sci-fi movies and the avant-garde
It should be spelled with a capital ‘t’
Since it’s the name of a man, you see
Leon Theremin lived in the Soviet Union
And started an aural revolution
Now there’s a poem about the Theremin 
My task is done, so I’m turning in.