Old Companion

My beloved Dobro 33H needs a neck reset, fretwork and probably a new cone, biscuit and nut. The last work done on it was at Mandolin Brothers back in the late 90s. Stan Jay himself watched over the work because he remembered the day dad bought me this guitar.

When Stan saw the shape my Dobro was in that day he actually blanched. His repair guy said he never saw a modern Dobro with kind of wear and tear. Right now it is even more worn out. I am hard on my instruments!

As many of you know, I am not big on possessions. I have given away enough instruments to fill ten music stores, but this beast has been my constant companion. I am leery of just dropping it off anywhere. If anybody can recommend a good repair tech who works on resophonic instruments, text me @ 410-713-4044 or email dobrolibre@gmail.com.