The Teaching Gig

People are always asking me where I learned to teach. They also make silly statements about my natural teaching ability.

Right now the Internet is hopping with people looking to make a buck with their hobby. Rather than sharing knowledge to ensure that skills and traditions are passed on to the next generation, there is a contingent simply looking to take for themselves.

Weak music teachers tend to present music as a series of memorized actions. This approach has never worked for folk music because it presents an improvisational art as something static.

To better understand the difference between static and improvised, watch these two workshops on knife defense:

In this first clip, well, watch and see…

In this next clip we have my teacher, the great Remy Presas.

Teaching is not just showing the steps of a process. Memorizing robotic movements makes for terrible music and can be fatal in a fight. In my opinion, a good teacher presents the concept, inspires inquisitive thought and provides a set of basic skills the student can build upon. It is a skill built over time from experience, compassion and love of the craft.