That Time of Year

I live with a number of things that cause chronic pain. I have arthritis, migraines and peripheral neuropathy.

In warm weather I can get around fairly well. It is not always easy, but there are summer days when my pain level is just a low buzz.

In cold weather the pain ramps up to operatic levels. While I do have a high pain threshold, there are days in the fall and winter when just getting out of bed for a cup of tea takes every ounce of my grit and determination. Yesterday was like that. Today is better.

I will be slowing down now that the days are shorter and my chronic pain hovers between bad and excruciating. For example, we will be holding off from a Wednesday night session this week.

It will be better this winter than last year. I managed to replace the drafty windows and carpet the bare floors in my bedroom and office, making things downright toasty. With the upstairs winterized, a second cat on the bed (Mephistopheles comes inside for the first time today!), my medical marijuana card and help from friends, I am in pretty good shape for the season. I just have to pace myself to keep from getting overwhelmed.