Mephistopheles Costello

Mephistopheles started coming around the yard during the winter. An emaciated frame filled out with an improbably filthy shaggy coat of fur.

Now he has had his shots and been fixed he has been slowly acclimating to life inside as well as outside.

He patrols the backyard like his own. The squirrels that constantly try to store nuts from our pecan tree inside the house… Let’s just say they have moved away to a new tree. I saw Mephistopheles chasing a squirrel away from a cellar window and the cat’s body language seemed to say, “Oh, you are not coming into MY house!”

The cat’s forays inside his new home are of increasing duration. He seems to like that I let him set the pace.

The only two issues I see possibly coming up in the next few weeks are helping Pooka adjust to another cat and teaching Mephistopheles to play.

Pooka is old and spoiled, but I think she will calm down and learn to enjoy a new partner in crime.

Teaching a feral cat the difference between a playful nip and chomping down on me hard enough to hurt me is going to prove a challenge, but if I could learn the guitar with my teeth I am patient enough to temper Mephistopheles’ bite.

Welcome to the family, Mephistopheles Costello. You are just wild and crazy enough to fit in!