Can You Hear Me Streaming?

Keep an eye on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube Music and other sources for streaming music. I just uploaded four tracks to the services, and I will be adding more on a steady basics for a while.

You can pre-save The New, New, New Minglewood Blues on Spotify today, and be in tune as more tracks go up

Before anybody asks, no. This has nothing to do with the big project. That is a different thing altogether. More on that down the road.

Look ma, low action!

Also, concerning slide technique: I use extra light strings and an extremely low action. I like glass slides. The tone is all in the touch – and the touch only comes with practice.

If you like this sound, just get a slide and start playing barre chords while you sing folk songs. Over time, after singing several hundred songs, your technique will improve. That’s how I got touch and technique where it is. You can too.