No Failures. Only Lessons.

So, this home-brewed recording thing is a lot of fun in some ways. I am having a ball cutting loose a bit on the banjo. Then my hearing, or the lack of it, becomes an issue and I wind up like Wile E. Coyote with his latest Acme purchase.

Thing is, you can’t get down on yourself when the proverbial poo hits the fan. You just clean yourself up, buy a new fan and place it where it is less likely to fall prey to flying fecal matter.

Today I recorded two tracks that felt great going into the mic, but listening to them afterwards they just did not work the way we wanted them to.

Not a big deal. The great thing about a song is that you can just start singing all over again.

Can’t Be Satisfied
Risin’ Sun Blues

Tomorrow I will tackle these tracks again and a few more. The goal is to have this cobbled together for a rough release to our Patrons soon, and then a more polished release in the coming new year.

I am posting these abandoned tracks because I hear students tell me they are afraid to make mistakes. You can’t make art without falling on your face. The mistakes are the lessons. The flubs, fumbles, stains, scratches, thumps and pratfalls are where the good stuff happens in art.

There are no mistakes or failures. Only lessons.

So, next time you are afraid to try fearing making a mistake, just think of me with a banjo, a microphone singing my heart out deaf as a stump. Something goes wrong, I just learn from it and apply the lesson, however painful, to the next try. And the one after that.