Progress and Other Accidental Joys

A windstorm right before Easter wiped out our net and cable.  We are just getting caught up now.

Work is going well on moving the video archive from YouTube to Vimeo. I am impressed by the improved video quality on the new platform, and we have some cool stuff in the works.

Old-Time Banjo Without the Bullshit is still on track to begin at the end of the month. I am reluctant to discuss the form and flow of the workshop series until it is underway. This series is not going to be anything like the work I have done in the past. It will be best to go in cold.  

Oh, I forgot to mention: this will be an all-level workshop. If you have been playing for four days or forty years, there will be things to learn and discover.

In personal news, I finally picked up a copy of My Brother Larry: The Stooge In The Middle.

I heard about the book years ago. It is great to have a copy in my hands because I have a connection to Larry. My great uncle was Emmett Welch, the minstrel turned vaudevillian. He gave Larry his first job!

I have very little information about Emmett. My grandmother did not approve of her brother. I was floored to read in the book that Emmett pioneered the motive theater singalong. I never knew that.

Meatball the feral Maine Coon is thriving in his new home. He had his first trip to our veterinarian and got a clean bill of health. We are all kind of wondering how big he will get because he is already huge. Pooka can’t stand him, but she’ll get over it.

In my music, arthritic hands can get me down occasionally. Doing simple things like picking up a cup of coffee or getting dressed are studies in pain. I am so glad that I took picked up a Theremini. 

The Moog Theremini is the single greatest thing since the invention of waffles. I love this instrument! Now I need to start saving up and researching synthesizers.

I also need a pair of Devo Energy Domes.  

The harmonica and theremin have brought me a lot of joy through this cold and painful winter. I sent the folks at Suzuki a note about how much I love my new Pure Harp MR-550. They wrote me back to let me know that my note was read to the R&D team and the good folks working in the factory. I have to admit, that made me smile.  

I have gotten quite a few requests for workshops and performances on the theremin. While I am touched by the excitement, there is already a great deal on my plate now. Perhaps there will be opportunity and inspiration later in the year.